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Consignment Auctions

Big Time Auctions accepts items on consignment to be auctioned in our general merchandise auction. Contact a representative of Big Time Auctions and schedule an appointment. A consignment fee will be deducted from the sale of your items. This fee will be discussed with you at the time of the meeting. Once item is sold, payment will be rendered to the seller within 15 business days.

Estate Auctions

Big Time Auctions has worked with many clients to determine the best way to liquidate their assets, through Estate Auctions, or an Estate Sale. Allow us the opportunity to meet with you to help you determine the best way to liquidate your assets. See our BTA Estate Sale Web site for estate sale listings & locations.

Business Liquidations

Big Time Auctions will work with banks in the area to liquidate businesses and we can work for you. Whether you are going “Out of Business”, retiring your business, or simply want to liquidate you business assets, we can help.

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“Best. Auction. Ever! Thank You! I am completely blown away.”

Judye D.

It was a pleasure to be with you in Acworth at the sale last week. I state unqualifiedly that I have never seen anybody go all out for the best interests of a man as you all did for my client. If you ever need any kind of endorsement about the type service you render, you can surely quote me.

J. Hudson


Col. Mark Baker
FL AU4772 / GA AU4252

About us

My past: 1997 My beautiful wife of 26 years now, Heidi and I brought our family (daughters, Heather and Amanda) to Rotonda West Florida to get a fresh start. My job in Wisconsin was being eliminated and we had chosen to pick up and move south. We stayed busy for while, (I had worked for four very large companies in a twenty-five year stretch, Coca-Cola, Waste Management, GMAC and then Walmart). This whole "Corporate" lifestyle was getting a little monotonous. I felt like I was always "just a number". It was time for a change...

So, by 2008 while working as a Manager for Walmart, I decided to get into buying and selling via auctions, garage sales estate sales etc... Besides, it gave me the opportunity to do a couple of things that I loved to do the most: Meet and meld with people and to find AMAZING deals (oh yeah, the making money thing kind of helps as well)!!!

In March of 2014, in Englewood, FL. I had a great opportunity to meet one of the greatest people (oh yeah, and Auctioneers too) in the state. Colonel Gary Bowman. We had gone to one of his fantastic auctions and got the opportunity to see him perform... THAT was it. I was hooked.

After speaking with "The Colonel" for just a few minutes, I had known that this was my "calling" (pardon the pun). Gary had taken Me "under his wing" and taken me on as a Licensed Apprentice. After spending so much time with the best, I learned quite a bit and decided to leave my "other job" and take on this new endeavor to the fullest!

The thrill of the buy (picking), the vision of seeing the potential "diamond in the rough", the artistry of working with our own merchandise and then the excitement of the resale, and then, on top of it all, I get to go up on stage, talk to people (hopefully, getting a laugh or two) and then selling these great items!!! Oh yeah!!! This is soooo for me!

My most favorite things in the world are FAMILY, baseball, football, travelling and just getting out there to meet and greet people. Nothing makes me happier than to be up on stage and making people laugh!

Always give back!